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Video Interviews with Jo from SDCC 2013

I've been on the look out for the full Warehouse 13 panel vid but so far, nothing's up but a tidbit of Eddie's comments (which is the last video in the list).

Here are the vids I've found so far. Please feel free to share any other vids from San Diego Comic Con 2013 in comments if you like. :D

Clicky me to see the always Adorably Goofy and Fucking Stunningly Gorgeous Jo!Collapse )

In case you miss my comment on the last video, here it is:
Eddie made me cry, but honestly Jo and Jack made me cry more. My feels are forever more seeped into the floor of San Diego's Hilton Bayside: Indigo Ballroom. Fuck, I'm getting weepy right not just posting this. *sniff*

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Most of these photos are from Eddie's Twitter feed. One I manipulated because I love the pic and the song the words are from. I mentioned that in my sticky post, where the manip is now living.

Hello Awesome Cast is AWESOME!Collapse )

I still feel like my best friend has moved to a far away place. *sigh*
Oh I forgot, when I went out during one of the panels, I saw Alexis Denisof. As I passed by him I was, "Wait, that's Alexis." and started to walk on by without disturbing him. Then I though, what the hell. So I went back, waited for him to finish his sentence. Then asked, politely, if he would take a picture with me. He did! It made Evil (ryalin1) jealous!
I didn't take as many photos as I normally do. Especially of the Warehouse 13 panel. I spent most of the panel waiting in the question line. I asked them if they could take home any artifact or costume, what would they take and why.

Allison and Aaron fought over the Metronome, until Aaron suggested joint custody of it.
Saul, I can't remember what he said. :( Eddie wanted the foot ball, and Jo wanted the dresses from The Big Snag. The funniest thing that happened was when Jo took Eddie's cell from him, because he was either texting or tweeting, and sat on it for a few, then passed it over to Saul or Jack. Then Eddie had to go and make everyone cry with how he didn't think, when the show started, he could carry the show as the lead. OMG, he got so emotional. He set Jo off as well as me and a lot of the audience.

If you check my sticky post, you'll see the adorable Entertainment Weekly photo they took as well as the words to the sign off song that Carol Burnett used to sing on her show, The Carol Burnett Show. Jack sang it at the very end. I chatted with him and Jo before SDCC security shooed me away from the stage. I was hoping for a photo op with the whole cast, but it didn't happen. Jack was sweet and sent me a message via FB about how he was sorry that he couldn't help make the photo happen. It never hurts to ask, right? Sorry if I repeated myself with this post some what.

Here are the photos

And now I'm off to try to get some sleep. It's nearly 1 a.m. for me as I type this.
The standard rule stands, do not take my photos without asking, it's just rude!
Yes I know, I'm rather long winded sometimes, but you people wanted a report so shut it! ;)

On to Saturday panels and Sunday spent on the dealers floorCollapse )
It was crazy insane. Unlike most of my other SDCC posts, this one will not be broken down by days.

Most of the panels I saw, even if I didn't like the show, were pretty good.Collapse )
There is a hint of the big bad for the series 6 ep finale but no spoilers about the final season or the last ep of S4.

Here's a link to a short and bittersweet interview with Joanne, Eddie, and Jack. No clicky if you don't like hints but there are NO spoilers in this interview.

They don't want to think about it.

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If you want to help the show, get more people to watch it.

In case you weren't aware there is a campaign on to get the show renewed for S5.

Here's the Renew Warehouse 13 Tumblr page

And the main website: Renew Warehouse 13

Here are FB cover photos (which I hope will work for Twitter and Tumblr as well):

There are 4 totalCollapse )

Please use and share them to support the show and show Syfy that they NEED to keep WH13 on for a long time! :)

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Joy, Hope, And Wonder, Oh My


One of my rare, non-art work or fic public posts. Don't get used to it.


Today was a magical day. Joy, hope, and wonder filled my heart and soul. Seeing Rise of the Guardians and Cavalia reminded me of how grateful I am that I still believe in those things. It breaks my heart when I see others without those things, especially children. It's like their light has been extinguished and they don't believe, hope, have joy, or have a sense of wonder about life.


No child's dreams or thoughts should be crushed because an adult thinks they're stupid or not possible. That's how, imho, they lose those powerful gifts.


I think all children should be encouraged to dream, hope, have joy, and wonder about life as well as everything else. How else do we get or keep those things as adults if we do not continue to encourage them in children. With out those gifts, where will new inventions, art, music, plays, books, movies, and TV shows come from?

Flist Cut

This is a public post purely to give anyone who thinks I should add them back as a friend. If that's you, please leave a comment.

Otherwise, this is goodbye. I wish you well, love you and hope life is good for you.



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